Drone Showcase to include 10 conferences and 23 exhibitors

A special conference entitled Drones in Agriculture will be one of ten conferences included in the Drone Showcase at the Avalon Airshow next month. 

Aimed at farmers and graziers, the conference will look at how modern drone technology can be used to carry out a variety of tasks and improve economic outcomes for people on the land. A wide range of UAV operations will be examined in detail, according to the organisers.

The conference will feature three presenters:

Brad Donald, senior agronomist with Elders, will look at practical uses for UAVs such as crop inspection, soil inspection and crop spraying.

Leonard Hall, engineering lecturer at the University of Adelaide and a consultant with the Defence Science and Technology Group, will deliver a presentation on the many technical challenges of using drones in regional Australia, including radio frequencies and radar.

Wayne Lording, an experienced pilot and qualified drone operator, uses UAV technology on his own property near Yea in Victoria. He will provide insights into how drones can be used for enhancing sustainable farming practices, land surveying, water and fence checking, thermal imaging and soil monitoring.

The Drones in Agriculture conference is being organised in conjunction with Airshow 2017 and will be held on Saturday 4 March 10-11am and repeated at the same time on Sunday 5th March. It will be held within the Drone Showcase precinct at the Airshow site.

The Drone Showcase will comprise ten conferences in all. Other topics include Drone Photography, Sport & Recreation, Drones in Search & Rescue, Pilot Training, CASA Safety Information, UAVs in Business, Drones Detecting Gas Leaks & Fallen Power Lines, and Drones & Society.

Three will also be a Drone Exhibition within the Drone Showcase where 23 companies be exhibiting.

Entry to the conference is free but attendees will need to have already purchased a standard Airshow admittance ticket ($65). 

(This article was updated on 21 February)