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There will be ten conferences and 23 exhibitor companies on display at the Drone Showcase part of the Avalon Air Show next month.

Freedom Drone Sports is happy with its latest flight test and now plans for V2.0

Drones equipped with flame-throwers: now where's the harm in that?

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Technical Editor Andy Willmott checks out the Ehang 184 drone taxi and reckons it should carry a parachute

This flying selfie stick is worth a look - it might make the grade and it's well priced

Technical Editor Andy Willmott checks out some of the weird and wonderful drones on display at CES 2017.

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Sharks, rays, dolphins and turtles are all caught on camera as part of the latest surveillance campaign using drones

A spectacular view of the old cities and rugged coastline of this jewel in the Mediterranean

Intel's 3-month old world record of 500 drones flying in formation has been smashed